Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The compatibility of Windows Vista

To reassure those who are reluctant to migrate to Vista because of compatibility issues, Microsoft opened its website on a space that brings together all the Vista drivers and lists of equipment and software compatible. Microsoft has put online in
the next few hours the Windows Vista Compatibility Center, a space on its U.S. site dedicated to the compatibility of its operating system. This is a very concrete sign that shows that the problem of compatibility of Vista with older PCs, peripherals and software market is still valid. It was largely marred the launch of the OS, and was revived with the recent release of Service Pack 1, which has brought new incompatibilities.

Windows Vista Compatibility Center is supposed to offer all the resources and information to easily migrate to Vista. In addition to essential downloads drivers, and access to practical information ( "& How to Help"), some 9 000 references
compatible products should be included. This equipment requires a special Vista driver as cameras, printers and scanners, mobile terminals, adapters, etc. But Microsoft has also integrated displays, keyboards, mice and other hard drives that do not present a compatibility problem with the OS. For the Windows Vista Compatibility Center is also a commercial site on which it is possible to buy a wide range of peripherals and software for PC.

Except that this service charges a few startup problems. The home page was first posted the following message: "Windows Vista Compatibility Center is not currently available" ( "Not available"), followed a few hours after the message: "Windows Vista Compatibility Center will be launching soon, please check back! "(It will be launched soon, thank you to return").

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