Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Microsoft integrates Media Center in Windows Home Server

The editor enriches its home server OS for a Power Pack 2, which includes Windows Media Center. This update also brings support for video formats like MP4. It should be available in French at the end of April. It is designed with HP in 2007, Windows Home Server, the operating system for multimedia home server from Microsoft, has never really convinced and struggling to find its place on the PC.

To restart it, the Redmond company has put online a Power Pack 2 in English. It will be available before the end of April in five other languages, including French. The installation of this expansion pack takes place via the Windows Update and the OS needs to already have the previous Power Pack on a PC with Windows Home Server.

Main novelty of the Power Pack 2, the arrival of Windows Media Center. This feature will simplify the connection and sharing files with other PCs equipped with Media Center (XP or Vista), and allow streaming MP4 files from the server to the X box 360 or to the Media Center Extender devices, as multimedia gateways. In other words, we can say that two separate products with goals that are highly complementary to each other. They will each benefit immediately once Windows Home Server ships. Windows Home Server will be able to perform its tasks, connecting all the computers in your household, creating automatic multi-PC backup and restore, deliver a comprehensive solution for centralized storage and allow for remote access.

Power Pack 2 also adds Windows Home Server many assistants to facilitate connections between devices but also its interface outside the local network. Finally, it corrects problems encountered by users when backing up files or folders on PC LAN, and it removes previous limitations on copying media files from a PC running Vista. Microsoft has also released this Word document with details of the changes introduced by this Power Pack 2.

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