Sunday, June 21, 2009

Spyware Removal

Spyware is a computer software program that hacks personal information of the users and send it to the third party. Spyware is installed on computer without the user permission. Spywares are mainly responsible for the malfunction and slow performance of the computer. There are many anti-spyware removal programs in the computer market but some of anti-spyware programs are generally used by the users. Spyware Doctor is a award winning spyware protection software from the PC Tools. It detects, removes and protects your computer from various kinds of spywares. It has some advanced features as compared to other spyware protection programs. You can download the trial version of Spyware Doctor from the link "".

There are some other important spyware protection programs which are the followings :--
1. Superanti-spyware
2. Webroot Spy Sweeper
3. PC Tools Spyware Doctor
4. Sunbelt Software CounterSpy 2.0 Beta
5. Lavasoft Ad-Aware Personal 1.06
6. Safer Networking Spybot Search & Destroy 1.4
7. Windows Defender
8. AVG Anti-Spyware
9. CounterSpy

Points To Remember :--
You need to update all these softwares before start the scanning process because it helps to get all the latest definitions of all the spywares. We need to remember the following points which prevent the installation of spywares :--
1. You need to make sure that never install the programs on computer which contains the spywares.
2. It is always recommended to have a pop-up blocker program that prevent the computer from spywares.
3. Never click on the unknown pop-ups and links.
4. You have to scan the computer over the specific time with updated Anti-Spyware program to remove the spywares.

Spyware Removal Instructions :--
Now, We are discussing all the steps that are involves during the Spyware removal process.
1. You need to download and install the Spyware removal software on the computer.
2. You should update the Spyware removal software before start the scanning process.
3. You should restart the computer in "Safe Mode with Networking".
4. You should scan the computer by using updated Spyware removal software.
5. You should remove all the infected files from the computer after completing the scan process.
6. You should restart the computer in "Normal Mode".

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