Thursday, June 25, 2009

Microsoft launches the service Hohm

Microsoft announced Wednesday evening, Hohm a free online service that allows individuals and businesses to better manage their electricity consumption and reduce their bills. It is still in beta version, Hohm made its debut on 24th June 2009. This application is available only for US consumers. It gives a better idea of how much energy they are consuming.

So, Microsoft Hohm really helps to conserve the energy and save money. This free online service is an analysis tool available to individuals and professionals to analyze and measure their power consumption and, second, issue advice to lower the bills. Microsoft has also set up a Web site for consumers who are interested in signing up for the beta test of Hohm. Microsoft Hohm is available at "". So, US custumers can order for Microsoft Hohm by submitting their email adderss at "". Microsoft will send a notification to the email address when Hohm becomes available.

With Hohm, Microsoft has just mark the PowerMeter Google breeches. The amount of electricity consumed in the house can be measured by installing thiis widget on your computer. But unlike Hohm, PowerMeter requires the installation of a transmitter box to collect the information. “Microsoft Hohm demonstrates how a combination of advanced software and Internet-based services can help people track, understand and manage their personal energy usage Microsoft also intends to market this sort of intelligent at an attractive price.

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