Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Watch TV on the computer

Have you ever thought of TV channels on your computer. Internet TV software allows you to watch TV shows, movies and live sports online. Now a days, it is not difficult to watch TV anywhere, so why not see it on your computer. You just need to install a tv tuner and follow the instruction and you would be surfing the channel in no time.

Here are some reasons, why you should watch TV on the computer.

• You need to spend so much on a television for your home, so why not buy a TV tuner that can give you the benefit of a TV.

• TV tuner cards add functionality; by using PVR software that is free of cost, you will be able to record shows for future playback without paying any subscription charges.

• There is no need of any dedicated DVD recorder.

With Windows 7 Internet TV too, you can see your favorite TV shows wherever and whenever on Windows Media Center for free. Windows 7 provides you with the growing amount of media content on the Internet. You have the option to select from several online TV shows and movies.

With a broadband connection, Windows Media Player is inhabited with Internet TV channels and contents which are organized in such a manner that the user can simply locate the desired program.

The Internet TV in its pre-release edition only used to provide short clips and promos but in it's final release Windows 7 has been populated with online content.