Tuesday, July 20, 2010

New Updates for Google Image Search

Google declared number of updates to the design and presentation of the image search section on its Web site. Google also said it would begin offering advertising with images on these pages. Company has given a major overhaul to the layout of its Images search engine's results page and introduced a new advertising format specific for this service. Google Images, whose index includes 10 billion photos, will now feature what the company calls a "dense tiled layout," designed to simplify the procedure of reviewing many images.

Now, a designer could show an ad with a picture of a new trench coat whenever somebody searched for pictures of coats, or a ski resort could show a picture of its mountain that would show up when people search for images of winter vacation spots. The site will also feature an instant scrolling feature that lets users sift through an endless stream of photos rather than continually clicking to load a new page of images. Google built its image search engine in 2001. People use it to answer different questions that are more easily explained with a picture.

The new advertising format, called Image Search Ads, lets advertisers include a thumbnail image along with the ad's text. Aside from the thumbnail image, Image Search Ads work like Google's pay-per-click (PPC) ads, the text ads that run along Google search results and in partner Web sites.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Remove Antimalware Doctor, A Rogue Anti-spyware

In present era with the rapid development of computer technology more and more computer users become the victims of computer threats. Except replicating itself, a virus can also make a computer break down through infecting all the documents on it. There is a rogue anti-spyware program called Antimalware Doctor which also infects PC.

How infection arises:
When an infected file on your PC is executing, virus will replicate itself and produce a DLL file under directory %System%. DLL file will be added in other running applications and then virus will execute the main routine code. Antimalware Doctor contains Trojans virus and it will infect most executive applications on your hard disk by writing some DLL files.

Removal way:
If you think about restoring your computer when get infects with Antimalware Doctor, the most effective way should be formatting the infecting hard disk. But to format the hard disks on a system may result in many troubles since the user always saves many important data and files on them. There is another great method to resolve it. That is to use professional anti-virus program. Download and install Spyware Cease, an excellent and powerful security program designed for computer users. To get better removing effect, you can run and execute the removal under safe mode.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Quickly Install Internet Explorer 8 on PC

Installing IE 8 on computer is very simple. Follow the given steps securely and you will be ready to run Internet Explorer 8.

Installation Process:
1. Search IE 8 on Internet and Click on button for "Download Internet Explorer 8”.
2. Select the respective country from the menu.
3. Select operating system in second step. A pop-up window will open and then save the file. Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 will save to your selected folder.
4. Double click the IE8 file saved on folder and select "Run" in the "Open File - Security Warning" window.
5. Now select "Continue" button if a window named "User Account Control" pops up.
6. Continue clicking "Next" on the "Welcome to Internet Explorer 8" window. You may either follow the steps in the wizard or click "Ask me Later" to confirm your personalized settings at a later time.
7. At last press the "e" icon on your desktop to open new IE8 browser.