Thursday, July 2, 2009

Bing introduces real timeTwitter posts in its search results

Microsoft have taken a big step towards the Bing success. Now, Microsoft will shows the real time Twitter posts in the search results. This news will help Microsoft to keep the hype about Bing intact. According to sources, Bing is successful in grabbing the search market where as Google lost little of bit during June month. Microsoft is testing the real-time search on Bing introducing the results of "posts" facts on Twitter. At the same time, the editor opens his own account on the official site of microblogging. Microsoft announced Wednesday evening on the blog dedicated to Twitter Bing it included in its search results.

Now, It will very interesting that how Google is going to react about this Bing step. Users can decide which browser is better than rest of them. It is very clear that Microsoft Bing have many new features that Google does not have. For now, Microsoft has restricted the number of "twitterers" a few thousand people selected based on volume of Twitter and the number of followers. By typing the name of a person followed or preceded by Twitter, you get the latest posts and link to his account and as to set an example, Microsoft has at the same time created its own account on Twitter.

The real-time search is emerging as one of the major challenges for search engines "classic." Twitter regularly demonstrates greater responsiveness to the news front. The implementations seems more of a publicity than reality. Bing is showing
up recent tweets from well-known people. The search appears only when that person's name and Twitter in provided in the same query. This has been tweaked via Twitter's API, which doesn't differentiate it from a simple widget that shows you the most recent tweets of a twitter member. A tool which neither Microsoft nor Yahoo, or Google can not do without. The Mountain View company is currently working on a project specific search engine to Twitter would take into account the size of messages.

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