Sunday, July 12, 2009

Srware plans Iron Chrome browser for Mac OS

The Chrome-based browser version Iron broadcasts differently than the original version, no usage data to Google. Iron Srware used for a newer and JavaScript rendering engine, making the browser a little faster than the original works. According to Managing Director Stefan Ries, Srware plans a Google Chrome Engine based version of Mac OS Iron available. This was announced in Ries e-mail. Currently, Iron Srware browser for Windows. The company offers Iron as a portable and installation version.

Google's Chrome Engine offers over the competition, especially in matters clear speed advantages. Particularly fast in the browser JavaScript code to work. Already at the start shows the Google browser, it requires few resources. Especially on slow PCs Chrome starts much faster than the competition. Chrome sends the other hand, a lot of data to the Google headquarters. This is the browser in the criticism of data protection advised.

Srware with Iron provides a chromium-based browser version, the data into account. Unlike the original is not unique client ID is generated, by which the user can theoretically be identified. There is also no set time stamp, which provides information about when the browser was installed. Incorrectly entered addresses will not like to Google Chrome. It also includes an Iron Adblock, which the browser is not Google has to offer. For Iron Srware used a more recent rendering and JavaScript engine as Chrome, so the browser Srware in practice works a little faster. In fact, could be in the Iron benchmark almost always say before Chrome. Users, the development of the free browser wants to support can be via Paypal Srware a donation to you.

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