Thursday, June 17, 2010

Speedup Slow Startup Times in Windows 7

On a system with one- to two-year-old hardware, Windows 7 usually takes only 20 to 40 seconds to boot up. Even the performance-wise challenged netbooks rarely need more than a minute to be ready for work! Certainly, boot times vary significantly from one computer to another. This is nothing new. But if Windows 7 clients need way longer – and we’re talking way over one or two minutes – then you’re looking at a resource hog.

So what could be causing the problem?

1. You just installed a new driver, which hasn’t been WHQL-certified and delays the boot up process. It could be a simple driver bug!
2. You installed a piece of resource-intense software that initializes a process or a service during startup.
3. You updated existing software or Windows 7 itself. Yes, it’s not unheard of that some updates cause a significant boot delay.

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