Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Speed Up a Slow Windows Computer

Are you constantly waiting for you computer to respond. Have you decided that it’s just time you go out and get a new computer? Before this, there is a easier and much cheaper option that can give you the same results.

Some people will tell you that in order to get back the performance on your computer you need to upgrade the memory in it. Sounds good, but unless you know what type of memory to get let alone know how to install it properly that bit of information won’t help you out much.

Spyware, malware and viruses can also slow down your systems performance. Even though these little nasty’s can sneak onto your computer at any time, most people are well aware of the mess they can cause on your computer. Most people these days have at least one if not more antivirus programs that protect them as long as they keep them up to date and run them on a regular schedule. but even these are no guarantee.

The problem with most slow computers is actually the registry file. Because the registry plays such an important role in the operation of a computer, keeping track of the location of every file and setting your computer has, it means that if some of those entries become corrupt from every day use that they can lead to serious issues when it comes to performance. Over time the problem can become so bad your PC will just crash on you with a blue screen error all the time.

This is why having a registry cleaner is so necessary. It’s not strange the first time you run the program to find thousands of errors in your registry. And even if you do clean them run the program again either later that day or the next day. There may be even more errors that have popped up that were either missed the first time or new errors that popped up.

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