Monday, July 4, 2011

How To Fix Your Slow Computer Problems

All your fun and convenience is lost the moment you start facing slow computer problems. Waiting for your PC to respond is one condition that might leave you annoyed and frustrated. There certainly is no cause for you to act frustrated if you have to handle your slow PC problems. By following a few guidelines you can always get this problem fixed within no time. You need to get started by having a backup of all your important data. This is one of the basic reasons why most computers get slow as there are chances that you might have stored too much of your data on the drives.

Even if there is not much data, still this is considered as the initial step to begin with. This is a precautionary step in case something goes wrong, still you are not going to loose any of your important data. You can try and protect it on the CD or external hard disk. When treating your slow computer problem try to get rid of all your old programs that are stored on your PC. Eliminate any such programs that are no longer being used by you as they only occupy space on your control panel. This task can be accomplished by making use of ADD/Remove button and then selecting the particular program.

After this you have to try and get rid of temporary file clutter. In case you are always connected to internet, then you need to look for cookies and temp files. If you get rid of all these files then a lot of space can be created for your slow pc to work more efficiently. You just have to try and select the option for clearing cookies and cache from the web browser.

Defrag the drive should be your very next step as this is one important step to get all your components organized. This step is done to increase the speed of your system so that you no longer have to face about slow computer problems any more. To perform this action try selecting Accessories option by clicking the start menu and look around for system tools.

In case your PC still runs slow then you might have to try and clean registry. The software might help in repairing any registry related issues that are responsible for making your system run slow. One of the main causes for slow computer problems is that your PC might also be infected by a Virus. Always ensure that a good updated Virus protection is installed on your computer.

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