Sunday, October 25, 2009

Battcursor feature For latest Windows 7

If you do a lot of work on your laptop or when you are away from your home, the battery life is always the cause of the worry to the user. The user always remains anxious about how much battery is left and how much work can be done on the laptop.

Windows 7 provides the solution to it. Battcursor feature in the latest Windows 7 feature keeps the track of the battery life and keep the user aware of the battery status. Its power saving functions are quite impressive. Though it is a little program but offers many useful features.

The tool includes indicator to the cursor. The cursor itself turns into a floating battery meter and whenever the battery power is low, the percentage and the visual indicator will be displayed. Aero Glass style feature allows you to set BattCursor to show Windows title bar which itself alters the color to warn you when your battery is low.

The title bars will give the blue color if the battery is full or nearly full and if your laptop is running out of battery the spectrum will shift to the warning colors. By default it displays yellow for low and red for critical. You can also modify the colors and activate the Power profiles as the battery diminishes.

To keep the user aware, BattCursor also shows the current charge level. It also allows you to disable the Aero Glass and Windows Sidebar when certain level is attained by the battery to extract more life out of the battery. Power Profiles in Windows 7 feature can be automatically switched with the BattCursor. Once you enable the function, at the specified charge level your system will be changed from high performance to balanced to power saver.

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