Wednesday, August 12, 2009

How to bypass a parental control?

computer security
A few days ago, my dad put some type of program or used his administrator account to block any downloads on my account. I do know how to change his password in "run" but i did not tried that but some how manage to find a way out to get away with that.

Here is some of the steps i came along..

Step 1 : Get the name and password of a friend who has an unblocked account. On the logon screen, scroll down to where you would enter your screen name, and select guest instead. Log on with the name and password of your friend

Step 2 : Access a different web browser. If your AOL account lets you, try to open Firefox or IE, and access the web through these browsers. Make sure to use AOL every once in a while so your parents see an AOL activity report.

Step 3 : Use a web proxy. These are websites that let you view and/or access websites from an independent server (i.e., it's not connected to your original AOL account). Some proxies only allow you to view a page; others allow you to access pages with username/password accounts. Keep in mind that it is very difficult to watch video through proxy servers. Web proxies like Open Silence and Mowser (see Resources) work with AOL.

Step 4 : Use a different computer, such as one at a library with Internet access.

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